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Being a single mother to 8 children was not my plan but Cancer had a different plan and won the battle.  I have immursed myself in helping others to not only feel better but also live better and I am excited to share with you.  As you scroll through my page, I am hoping to share my knowledge and passion about the highest quality CBD products as well as the lucrative home-based business opportunity that awaits you.


I have over 15 years experience in the direct sales and relationship marketing industry. I am passionate about health and wellness and making a difference to humanity. With Green Compass – a home-based business, I believe people can come together to celebrate their prosperity of wisdom, wealth and happiness.

Vision Statement

The Vision That Drives Me

I am a compassionate, caring and creative woman who has a desire to lead with light, truth and love that has resulted in financial, spiritual and emotional success for myself and my children.

Live to Love

“Amare” means “to love” in Latin, and love is the universal language. Yet, in order to truly love others, I believe you must first start by loving yourself.

My vision is to help lead the global mental wellness revolution. By inspiring people to love and believe in themselves, I envision they will live an extraordinary life and make a difference for others.


What is Mental Wellness?

It’s Everything!
Mental Fitness
Stress Resilience
Physical Performance
Financial Wellness


How Can I Help You Succeed?

Create Your Self Worth

Self worth cannot be found in a number. There is no bank account where self worth debits and credits can be transacted.

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You Are Worth It!

Sometimes life is just hard and I don’t know about you but some days I ask myself if what I am doing is even worth it and on really bad days am I even worth it?

You Should Be #1

Prioritizing time to do the things for yourself will not only make you happy and keep you sane, but it will probably also make you more efficient when tackling the less fun aspects of your schedule and to-do lists.

Yes, I’m Blogging


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