Motherly Advice

Motherly Advice

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Sometimes it’s just good old fashioned …

Motherly Advice

Hearing encouraging words can change a lot of things about your day!

You are a delicate butterfly. Omg – haha…wait…starting over… hopefully you weren’t drinking milk, if you were I am sorry that you may have just shot it out through your nose. Always remember that as a female…you are powerful, strong, and capable of achieving many amazing things!  This was one of the pieces of motherly advice I would give to my daughters often.

It is also important to keep your head up and eyes straight ahead, show the world that you will move forward no matter what statements are made about you to break you or to hold you back. What I want for you is to find happiness, purpose, adventure, and meaning. But most of all, I want you to have fun and laughter. Together we have had lots of fun, and lots of laughter. Laugh until your sides ache. Laugh at work, at your family(except your mom), with your friends, at yourself, at, with or behind your significant other, …Just. Keep. laughing.

You’ve already learned the hard lesson on choosing your friends wisely, but also remember that the right friends are wise in their own way. Appreciate and embrace that wisdom. Have no competition with your friends. Seriously. I mean that. Contain your jealousy. Build your own life while simultaneously being interested in and supportive of theirs. Seek your own happiness and happiness for others. This is not easy but is crucial to actually living a genuinely happy life. When you have a legit, awesome, genuine friendship, you’ll know. Dedicate your time, energy, and love to it. It just might be the relationship that rides next to you for the rest of your life. Ride it with your arms out, letting the breeze carry you and the loving energy of their presence surround you, and remember to take the bumps ever so cautiously. Catch each other when you fall. Pick each other up. Give supportive hugs often, and never forget to tell that person how grateful you are for him or her.

How about that career..? Ugh, why can’t we all just hang out and enjoy life without the stress of having to make money?!  But truthfully here’s my advice – your life is made up of seven days each week. Each of those days is broken into hours. Hours into days into weeks can feel long, and slow, and wasted if you don’t find something to do – I’ve watched you manage your time incredibly well, fulfilling your obligations and taking time for you. There are many paths to take and remember that you might decide eight (or more) different times in your life to switch paths – that is ok! Just don’t waste a moment. Use your talents and your strengths. Find ways to make the money you need doing things that make you smile and keep you growing and helping and thinking and wondering and feeling. But more importantly, don’t make your work rule your life. You should rule your life, keeping your goals in mind and love in your heart.

Choose a partner in life (just not yet). Not one who defines you, but one who helps you explore and find yourself. Choose a partner who is generous with his or her love, time, and patience. Everything else will follow. Be passionate about yourself and your partner and choose someone who is passionate about you and your life together. Always choose happiness, even if it means picking up and completely changing gears in your life.

And always, always, ALWAYS call your mother. I love you. If you can’t call your mother, feel free to reach out to me 🙂

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