No regrets, tons of memories, and one gigantic smile.

No regrets, tons of memories, and one gigantic smile.

Go through life with a smile

This is me, I was 6.  I was living every day focused on having fun – laughter has been my best friend my entire life.  I had no idea what life had in store for me, but I knew I wanted it to be worth living. I have no regrets, tons of memories, and one gigantic smile.

Despite all of life’s hardships, tragedies, and traumas – especially in this year of 2020, I will never cease to have a big smile on my face, I will continue to tell hilarious (at least they are to me) stories and memories about the adventures in my life to anybody that wants to listen (and even those that don’t).

Recently I’ve thought a lot about my life and remember years of saying “maybe some day,” “when I’m ready,” and “eventually,”  – it took a split second of time in the right moment to wake myself up.  I stopped waiting and started doing.  I decided right then and there I was tired of waiting for the perfect time to do something special.  Since that moment, I have made choices and bold decisions that have provided me with stories and adventures that I will never forget and countless lives that have been changed for the better.

Now please understand, I, in no way have ‘arrived’ – my intention is to help many, many more people realize their dreams and the means to achieve them.  Certainly my goal is to become something bigger: leveling up my life in any way possible, every single day and helping others achieve the same.

You see, life is too damn short, and too damn precious to wait until tomorrow. You could be alive today and hit by a bus tomorrow, you really just never know.  

I came to this conclusion just a few days back while writing out my daily manifestations.  I may be doing what I can to help you achieve your goals and realize your dreams, but really I’m just removing any barriers that prevent you from living a life you can look back on with pride.  I hope to look back on my life at the age of 88 and say “I did it right.”  If I don’t make it that long, that’s okay: as long as each day is lived with conviction and purpose, I can leave this world happy.

That means no regrets, tons of memories, and one gigantic smile.

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  1. Wow! You are amazing and I am so proud to call you daughter!! You have an amazing outlook and such an amazing Mom. You have taught me soooooooooo much!!!
    Thank You!!!! I love you!!!!

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