For Tracilea Young, successful determination and mindful motivation have always been second nature and these traits have molded her life and experiences from her first foray into the business world.

As the mother of eight children, all of which she personally homeschooled for seventeen years, and at the same time was able to work her relationship marketing business part time,  put herself through school to be a midwife and also make the million dollar earner club.

Tracilea is the model of American success, possessing not only the knowledge and experience to make any business endeavor she pursues successful, but the passion and drive to expand it on a national and worldwide scale.

She continued with her passion to help others and make a difference and worked hard to earn the title of President of a large plastic surgery and med spa chain, where she was successful in building the annual revenue in to the multiple millions. She recently opened a chain of compassionate care medical clinics where she has successfully helped more than 39,000 people get the compassionate care they need, all while continuing to build a large network of people via network marketing as a part time business, which has maintained a substantial income.

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