A Tattoo?

A Tattoo?

why a tattoo

If In Doubt… Get Tattooed

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I’ve been unsure about tattoos all my life and I think as humans it’s natural to have an inner voice telling us to be cautious. It’s good to not rush decisions but also not good to get stuck in paralysis due to analysis. It’s about being in touch with yourself and taking decisions not only based on common rules and fears but on who you truly are.

So begins the inner reflection, it’s six a.m. and I am having my morning coffee on my back balcony enjoying the fresh air, view and quiet. I find myself asking, why now? I’m in my 50’s, successful, have eight successful children and many happy grandchildren… so why now?

Last Sunday I was enjoying the beach, walking around a cute beach town in North Carolina when I walked past a tattoo parlor.  I peeked in the window, it looked much different than I had imagined a business of this kind would look.  I stepped inside and was greeted with a friendly “Hello!  How can we make your day great?”  And I heard myself saying, “I’d like a tattoo, do you have time?”  

What. Did. I. Just. Say??? 

My eyeballs must have been huge and then I remembered a drawing that I love so I showed it to the man at the counter and described the slight changes I wanted made to it.  He said he would see what he could do and left for a bit.  He returned with a digital pad with the drawing on it.  I had him make additional changes and then BOOM!  I was in the chair, listening to the buzzing sound of his tattoo gun – it wasn’t nearly as painful as I had imagined and very soon my artwork was complete.  I had my first tattoo.  Wow. 

Looking deep into my soul, lots of meditation and I realize a tattoo is not worthy of stress.  A tattoo is nothing you chose by chance.  In my opinion, if you’ve thought a lot about tattoos and waited then your tattoo should have special meaning to you.  This may not be true for everyone but throughout my life I have often thought of tattoos and if I were to get one at a young age, would I still love it when I am much older.  I’ve also learned that a high-quality and well-designed tattoo can have a great impact on how people perceive you and your values.   Life is full of milestones and they’re all part of us and our journey. Being in the moment and appreciating it as one of many is a healthy way of going through life. So why not look at a tattoo as a landmark for a certain moment of your life and its representation. 

I am now much older and with a tattoo.  The meaning for me is this: What my heart wants is true love.  The forever kind.  The kind that wraps around your mind, heart and soul and nourishes you every day.  My tattoo oddly gives hope of this for me.  It says my forever love is out there, waiting to make this tattoo a symbol of dreams coming true. 

In the end, every decision you made in your life so far, led ultimately to where you are right now. Enjoy every moment of the journey.

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