CBD Pet Testimonials

CBD Pet Testimonials

I have a 6 month old mini Bernadoodle with servere hip issues and she would get tired and have to drag her hind legs on the floor to get around. She was only 15 pounds when we started with a 1/4 dropper of the pet CBD, 2 times a day. She loves it and after 3 weeks is running all over the place like a normal puppy.

-Jim A.

Izzie (now 12, Corgi) weighed about 35lbs and was hobbling around on her short arthritic legs.  I started her on 1ml of the 250mg 18 months ago and she was running around like a puppy only a few days later. I dropped her to 1/2ml   a couple months in and that works great. She has dropped some weight because of her enhanced mobility.

-Jackie N.

So heres a pet CBD message to all my Fur Families. My name’s Beau & I’m 13 yrs old. I fetched birds for at least 11 yrs then my Dad said that Ol’ river & cold mornings were takin a toll on me. Yeah my hips slowed me down but my soul still fetched with the best. Momma had me takin meds from a feller whose helpers poked me in places that still shame me today. But about 3 wks ago Mom & Dad had me taste something thats woke up these ratchet hips & it has me movin like a Man Dog again. I aint super dog but tell Fido that the Beau Dog is back in town. Talk to Mom DD or my Dad Steven Clark about Pet CBD.Later folks, Im headed fishing 🎣

D.d. A.

My boober doo has been on GC Pet CBD since April 2019 He is a much calmer, laid back (intact) AmStaff. loves just hanging out w people now instead of jumping all over them , no longer a ‘fraidie-cat’ (ultimate pooch insult) when the winds are high and leaves are ruslin’, and his bronchial issue of the airways thickening (visible donut rings on the xray) have all but disappeared from his chest xrays!!! of course cbd didnt keep him from getting ring worm this year but using the 500mg FS Natural as a topical sure soothed his skin irritations (typical of the breed) and that was before i started his anti fungal weekly bathing 2 weeks ago!!! I just started giving him 500mg Pet CBD Bacon Flavor yesterday (for additional relief from his current skin issues) which he absolutly LOVES!!!

Ann M.

My English bulldog was licking and licking…. I have her on a special diet, shampoo, etc and I tried changing those things, giving allergy pills, EVERYTHING! Then I started giving her the 500mg pet tincture (I started with 1/2 dropper and found the sweet spot at 3/4 dropper daily). No more licking! Yes!!!!

Jenn L.

I’ve been blessed to have the most fabulous Yorkshire Terrier as my best friend for the last 15 years named Belle. About a year and a half ago I noticed she was starting to slow down. She was noticeably playing less and clearly thinking before she jumped and used steps. At her age arthritis is common and can be hard to manage as your best friend ages. Luckily my sister in-law, Molly Fulghom had started with Green Compass and suggested I try the pet CBD drops. I have to admit I was VERY apprehensive at first. I thought how would this possibly help and honestly thought it was a fad. She was persistent, so I did some research of my own to ensure I wasn’t going to cause harm. Shortly after we gave it a try, like Within DAYS…yes days she was noticeably upbeat and not as sore. She was acting like a 5 year old instead of a 15 year old. The results were unimaginable and quite frankly I couldn’t believe it myself since I was so skeptical at first. In January we got some bad news that she has primary lung cancer. She was given 2 months to live, and was unable to take anti inflammatory medication to hopefully slow the cancer down due to having a heart murmur. She takes her oil every morning and quite frankly seems to look forward to it. She’s doing well (better than expected clearly) and I firmly believe being on The Green Compass CBD oil for pets is the game changer for us. We’ve had already 3 extra months with her and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down 🙌🏼 I highly recommend to any pet that has arthritis, is anxious or needs a natural anti inflammatory. ♥️

-all my gratitude, Jessica


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