I wanted a magical life!

I wanted a magical life!

magical life

I can think of many years (I call it a season) where a magical life wasn’t my first thought or truthfully, anything but the way I would describe my life. 

Over the past several years, I’ve invested in working on me. I’ve attended seminars that interested me, I’ve worked to get different certifications that would support me to help others on a bigger level, I’ve paid for coaches to kick my ass, I’ve been to counseling,  ALL of which are a too to increase my strength. I am always so impressed when I see people willing to really look at themselves and I learned a long time ago that I always want to possess that trait because – well, its well worth the work!  

I learned to be aware of my thinking and to redirect it to what I want my life or what I want that situation to look like… and today, I can say I that my first thoughts are more often to look at a situation through love rather than fear.   But… it’s important to understand that first, I have to be aware enough to realize what my thoughts are … 

Here are a few quick tips that have worked for me: 

#1 THOUGHT check- I check in with my thought/thoughts regularly and often: I ask myself “Is this situation happening for me or to me?”  “Is it happening out of Love or Fear?”  If I start down the road of thinking it is happening to me (I am in fear)(victim) and I know I am not in a good place, then it is time to redirect and pivot. ITS TIME TO GET OUT OF THE RABBIT HOLE, and get out quickly because staying here will render me useless. 

#2 REPLACE the thought- I ask myself “Is what I am thinking helping me?”  “What am I learning?”  “How is what I am learning strengthening me?”  “Will what I am learning allow me to help others?”  Then I remind myself that this situation is happening FOR me.

#3 THOUGHT: WHAT CAN I DO to make the situation better or contribute some positivity? I know I can’t change people, places or things and this in and of itself has been one of the biggest lessons of my life… sometimes it’s “let go” ask God to make my path straight and every single time he does. No life should be nor was it designed to be lived in a state of fear.

Today, I see life vastly different than when I was wandering though some pretty unpleasant seasons. You see, now I believe that ALL things are happening for my good, so each circumstance that I walk through is a good thing, I see what a beautiful world we live in, I see that everything is my life is happening for me, that I am rich in love and able to give and receive a life that is truly …. 

Magical …

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