Thoughts on a plan B

Thoughts on a plan B

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I learned this from a friend, and kept it close to my heart – Most people don’t realize they need a Plan B….until they need a PLAN B!  We offer the GIFT of hope for so many who are looking to better their health and their wealth.

“I’ll never forget 2008-09, especially the month that Microsoft announced the first lay offs in the companies history.

To say I was scared was an understatement…. with thee small children and all the expense and commitments associated with raising a family…. my stomach was a pit of nerves during that long first wave of lay offs.

Needless to say – Steve never received the knock on his door – but that experience did cause me to reflect – did I want to live in fear of the next economic crash, global crisis or company downsizing or did I want to do something about it?

I wanted to make the pit in my stomach go away – taking action has a way of giving you your control back.

I started to take my home based business more seriously. You see…. I never really wanted to sell products, get a website, promote product specials or host in home events….

But I DID want to take care of our needs as a family more than I wanted to get caught up in thinking about what other people might say or think about me.

Newsflash…. in a crisis – other people’s opinions don’t pay your bills or keep the lights on.

Over the years – the decision to build my business into the level of Plan B income that could take care of us in a financial crisis has more than served us well….

I watch our business serve the needs of stay at home mothers, single parents, husbands and wives with multiple children – I watch them buy groceries, pay off debt, save for a rainy day, pay cash for things otherwise financed (cars, college etc…)

And right now…. I am reflecting back to 2008-09 and that gut instinct I had to get serious about creating Plan B income…..

Somewhere out there someone is reading this right now and he/she knows exactly what that pit in the stomach feels like because they know they are at a crossroads and they need to do SOMETHING…. even if something never crossed their minds before…. SOMETHING has the potential to buy them choices – whether that be pay the rent, buy groceries, continue to make that car payment….. I don’t know.

You can rise up and awaken the entrepreneur inside because in times of uncertainty…. you simply must adapt. Take your power back.

And…. find a way to be much better prepared the next time. Because winter always comes again.”

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