Avoid Starting Life in Debt

Avoid Starting Life in Debt

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Avoid starting life in Debt – Most of us have been sold the 40 year lie: Go to school, get good grades so that you can get to university to study for a degree so that you can get a good job. Did you know that the average student who completes university has at least a debt of $50,000. I am not saying don’t study, but do avoid debt at all costs. By joining an MLM company and utilizing your free time to setup an income stream for yourself, you can decide on what field of study is really interesting to you, as opposed to pursuing a field that has more definite short term earning potential. Choosing the wrong career and wanting to be free is one of the reasons people start businesses and join MLM companies late in life. 

Inflation is shrinking your earnings – We all work for a very similar reason and that is in the hope that one day we will have more money at the end of the month that what we need. Well if that was true, the credit industry would be shrinking and there would be far more people who are happy with what they are earning. Unfortunately inflation catches up with us and we often need to resort to expensive credit just to survive. This worsens our financial reality and often leads to stress and heart attacks. Inflation is a reality, it is never going to go away, so the only alternative is to get a second, even third job and work yourself to death just to maintain the payments. MLM gives you the opportunity to change the inevitable and earn more than you require monthly.

In fact, I’ve learned all this myself when I initially just needed an additional $500 a month. I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to reach that quickly, especially when I was putting in very part time hours.  I increased my goal and went back to work, truly just duplicating everything I had done before but now teaching those who I had brought on to my team, how to do the same thing I had done.  My second income goal was reached – again surprising me.  It became sort f an addiction – continuing to increase my goal and working to achieve it.  Power needs to come from within you, however, it is important to understand that you are responsible for your own power alone. So, what gets you up in the morning and drives you every day?  This should be a question you ask yourself daily. What gives you the desire to do whatever it takes to succeed? Is it your drive for connection with others, growth as an individual, contribution, or how you will feel when you achieve your goals? It is important for all of us to know this so that we can approach our day with the total focus required for success.  That is your WHY.  

When the father of my 8 children passed away, in that moment, in that instant –  I became the sole provider for my family.  There was no life insurance, no bank account full of money and no assets to sell.  My WHY became CRYSTAL CLEAR…. My children and grandchildren!!  My success in MLM was the pillar of being able to keep it together, if you will – and take care of my family.   It is all very well to have goals, however, how focused are you on achieving them? I plan my day before it begins, I plan my week before it begins and I plan my month before it begins.  My goals are written out front and center and I read them daily – my daily goals, weekly goals ad long term goals.  Your mind is so incredibly powerful – use it to navigate your way to successfully reaching your goals!!! Remember to AVOID STARTING LIFE IN DEBT!

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