Gracefully Done

Gracefully Done

Gracefully done

Have your ever heard someone say, “Gracefully Done”? Life can be incredibly challenging and at times downright hard!   As much as romance novels and chick flicks would want us to believe, the truth is not every day is filled with chocolate and roses. – well, specifically joy and bliss.  I think it’s possible, and highly likely have all found ourselves in that place, appreciating a sweet friend who will hold our hand through it all and who will slightly adjust our crowns for us.

Think about being in one of those situations when a woman has come out of the bathroom stall and she’s just about to leave after washing her hands and you notice that her skirt is tucked into her underwear? Or, perhaps you’ve seen someone with their zipper on their pants undone. Of course it’s always an awkward moment when you have to approach them – they don’t know you and they are most likely anxious, wondering why you’re approaching them. Then you try to gracefully tell them and the awkwardness gets even worse.  It’s that weird moment where you have quietly let someone know that they’ve had a wardrobe malfunction all in an effort to help them continue on with their day avoiding any further embarrassment.

Fixing someone’s crown without announcing it to the world is much the same. It’s that gentle and quiet approach where our only desire is to help and we don’t feel the need to broadcast it. That means we don’t tell anyone, it doesn’t become coffee conversation nor does it become a topic of a group or friends circle in an effort to “share” without gossiping. It means risking the awkwardness afterwards by the person you’ve helped who doesn’t know how to thank you or how to engage or act ‘normal’ in the aftermath. It also means being prepared for someone to do the same to and for you because from what I’ve come to learn in life, we truly do reap what we sow.

This is the kind of woman I want to be and hope I am. This is the kind of woman we should all strive to be. One that will fix a crown and hold truth and confidence in our hands. One who will risk the awkwardness in order to provide some similance of safety and comfort and one who will quietly walk together with many as we journey through life.

May you have a wonderful week and may you begin to see the crowns that need your gentle touch. May you hear, “Gracefully Done”!

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