Social Media Challenge accepted!

Social Media Challenge accepted!

Have you been tagged on social media with a request for you to post a black and white photo? If you accept the challenge because it is a way to support other women, you are partially right but the picture is much bigger than that.

This is Pınar Gültekin.⁠ She was reported missing in Turkey’s Aegean province of Muğla on 16 July and found dead after being brutally murdered five days later. A man has been detained in relation to her killing. Pinar was just 27 years old.⁠⠀
People in Turkey regularly see black and white images of women on the news, but they are pictures of women who have been violently murdered; the country has one of the highest rates of femicide in the world. The photo challenge circulating right now was in response to Pinar’s death. A way for Turkish women to stand in solidarity with those lost and shine a light on what is happening.

This is much more than an opportunity to post a nice pic of you. It’s much more than supporting other women by asking them to do the same. Social media can do so much good, but so often the intended impactful message is quickly lost – it’s kinda like playing that game where you whisper something in someone’s ear and then they pass it on to someone else and so on, and the original message comes out the other end completely different.

So post your photo, accept the social media challenge but do if for Pinar and all the other women who have lost their life to violence.

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